Frequently Asked Questions

1. Payment Method?

Visa, MasterCard or Pre-Paid Check

2. Do you have payment terms or financing?

We do accept hard copy purchase orders from credit worthy companies, agencies, local, state and federal government. We also offer short-term financing for well qualified companies – interest rates start at 10%.

3. What guarantee do I have that your products/equipment     will work for me?

We sell both new and used Rimage thermal printers. Of course new printers are brand new, and they run just as well as you would expect a new Rimage system would operate. We also sell used and refurbished equipment that we 100% guarantee will run “like new” for you. That is the real value in buying a used piece of equipment from, a great system at ½ the price as new.

4. Where do you get your new and used systems from?

We have a network of large users, current and former Rimage distributors as well as banks and leasing companies that we work hand-in-hand with for securing only the highest quality equipment. Most of these systems have been used sporadically and have been under onsite or rapid exchange maintenance agreements. This means the systems are in tip top shape and ready to work for you.

5. Do your systems come with a warranty?

Yes, our Publishers and Printers carry a 30 day to 6 month warranty.

6. How much is freight?

Currently we are running a freight special where individual printer boxes ship anywhere in the continental US for $30. Two box systems, such as an Everest w/ Autoloader, $100.

7. Do you take trade-ins?

Yes we do. Give us the details of what you’re interested in purchasing and what you’d like to trade and we will make an offer.